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Isothermal Planning and Development Commission operates the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), a federal program from The Dept. of Energy, managed by the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Economic Opportunity.
This program provides funding to weatherize the homes of the low-income, elderly, and handicapped citizens.  The purpose of the program is designed to help residents who meet federal low-income guidelines (not to exceed 150 percent of the poverty level) to lower their energy usage and costs.  A savings of 12 to 20 percent is possible in energy usage each year.  Weatherization reduces your energy bills for a long time. 

Weatherizing a home involves conducting an energy assessment to identify the most cost-effective energy improvements that need to be performed on the dwelling, and then making those improvements at no cost to the household.

The three major improvements performed in home weatherization are:
  •   Reducing excessive air infiltration
  •   Reducing heat loss through attics, walls and floors
  •   Tuning or otherwise making the heating & air systems more efficient

The Weatherization Program is not a remodeling, maintenance or rehabilitation program.  The amount of dollars that can be spent on each dwelling is limited.  Incidental repairs to the home are made only to facilitate the installation and preservation of weatherization materials not to improve the value of a home.

The Heating and Air Repair and Replacement Program (HARRP) works in concert with the Weatherization Assistance Program to repair and/or replace inefficient heating and air systems in the homes of low-income families, especially the elderly, individuals with disabilities and families with children.

Updated: 12/19/2012

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